Select Academic Writing:

1. Reading Between the Battle Lines: Myth, Mass Communication, Ideology and

American Gun Culture

  • Presented on March 31, 2018 at the New School for Social Research Annual Sociology Conference

2. Reading Between the Battle Lines: Seeing Ideological Division in Tweets About Guns

  • UCLA Master of Social Science thesis, June 2018

  • Read a (much shorter) summary of my thesis on UCLA's "LA Social Science" blog

3. A Shero's Journey: The Triumph of Female Power in Moana and Wonder Woman

4. Fighting Back With a Double-Edged Sword: #MeToo and the Complicated Realities of Social (Media) Movements


Media Clips and Mentions:

Vibe Magazine, May 2017 - A Film Festival Got #WhitePeople Trending, And Raised Some Important Conversations

Los Angeles, Magazine, October 2016 - Answers to the Questions that Undocumented Immigrants Are Tired of Hearing

Los Angeles Times, August 2015 - #FergusonSyllabus: How do we teach teens about injustice?