Personal Pre-Publicist Package

Personal Pre-Publicist Package


One day, you put yourself out there, your world changed and you are IN IT. You are being inundated with media requests, meeting requests, phone calls from all of your relatives and don’t know what to do. Do you hire a publicist? What do they even do? How do you know what questions to ask in order to figure out if you should hire them? What’s a “chyron?”

Don’t worry… I got you! I will hold your hand through this and get you to a place where you’re making informed, confident decisions about which opportunities to pursue, instead of retreating into your turtle shell and deciding that actually, you’re quite tired and should probably take a nap instead of pursuing all this putting-your-self-out-there-to-achieve-your-wildest-dreams business. And I sign an NDA, so you can feel free to unload: what you say stays with me.

The Personal Pre-Publicist Package is for people who need help with their public profile but aren’t quite ready to hire a full-on publicist. I’m your gal.

*We’ll determine the financial structure of this package based on YOUR needs, after our initial consultation.

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Q: What differentiates you from a publicist?

 A: Well, I am a publicist, and have been for several years. So you will get all of the benefits of my experience, but what I’m offering here is a bit different:

·      You can think of me as more of a “pre-publicist.” I’ll work with you as you’re starting out – I’ll communicate with people offering you opportunities on your behalf and help you figure out which ones to engage with. I’ll train you for media appearances and make sure you know which questions to ask. I’ll help you really get a feel for how to play the comms game, so that putting yourself out there becomes a breeze, not a barrier. And you can be totally open with me about all of the stuff that’s freaking you out! We’ll tackle it together and no one will be the wiser (not that there’s anything wrong with openly admitting fear!)

·      When you feel ready to transition to working with a PR firm, or a publicist whose job it is to pitch, pitch, pitch – I can help you figure out who that person or firm will be so that it’s a smooth transition (someone I trust with my precious cargo!). I’ll help you know what questions to ask before you close the deal.

·      Even then, I can stick around as a sounding board, and someone who can write and edit materials (website copy, emails to your list, op-eds, things like that) in your voice, who knows your messaging like the back of their hand.

·      I’m available for one-off phone calls, unlike a typical publicist. You don’t have to feel like you’re signing your life away just to get some advice on something.


Q: How would I know if I’m the right candidate for your Pre-Publicist services?

A: Let’s use some sample scenarios:

All of a sudden, I’m getting a lot of interest and I’m a little bit overwhelmed. A lot of people are emailing me at once asking for interviews/meetings/inviting me to speak at things and I’m super stressed because I don’t know how to handle it all.

·      How do I stay organized when I have so many conversations going on at once?

·      How do I decide which people and opportunities to engage?

·      How do I politely decline requests? I don’t want to burn any bridges.

·      I’m meeting with a few different literary/talent/speaking agents, and I’m not sure how to tell who to work with. I’m also hesitant about signing a contract because I’m not 100% sure what it all means. How do I make the right decisions here?

I got an invitation to speak on a panel or at an event.

·      What should I know before I go? Will you help me talk to them? (Yes)

·      How do I make sure I get a word in edgewise?

·      How do I make sure I get my points across?

·      The rest of the panel is all men. How do I handle uncomfortable moments?

·      There are one or two questions I’m really hoping aren’t asked of me. What if someone puts me on the spot?

·      What am I supposed to wear?

·      How can I promote it through my channels?

·      How can I leverage this appearance to attract more opportunities?

·      They asked me for a bio. I need help writing/editing it, and is there anything else I should send them?


I’m scheduled to do an upcoming interview with a media outlet and I’m kind of nervous.

·      Can we do a simple media training session?

·      Can you maybe come with me? It would be helpful to have a publicist on-hand.

·      How should I prepare for the interview so that I’m comfortable no matter what questions are thrown my way?

·      How do I prepare and work with talking points?

·      What should I make sure of with them in terms of how they identify and present who I am?

·      What do I do if the interview turns hostile, they start getting personal or they’re not asking me the questions that will allow me to talk about what I want to talk about?

·      Is there anything I should know about how to dress or present myself?

·      How should I work with the outlet and separately to promote my appearance?

·      How can I leverage this appearance for additional opportunities, and to present myself the way I want to be perceived?


I’m getting interview requests and I’m not sure how I should be handling it – or, I’m pretty comfortable answering media requests, but I want to make sure I’m maximizing these opportunities as much as possible.

·      How do I decide whether I should accept an interview with this media outlet?

·      What questions should I be asking before committing?

·      How should I prepare for the interview so that I’m comfortable no matter what questions are thrown my way?

·      Is there anything I should know about how to dress or present myself?

·      How should I work with the outlet and separately to promote my appearance?

·      How can I leverage this appearance for additional opportunities, and to present myself the way I want to be perceived?


I have the opportunity to write an op-ed, but I’m not super confident in my writing and/or editing skills.

·      Will you look at my draft and help me edit it?

·      How do I fit everything I want to say into 700-1000 words?

·      Can you maybe just… write it for me? (Yes)

·      What are the different factors I should assess (the outlet, the timing) in order to decide what argument I want to make?

·      How do I make the most of the opportunity? I don’t want to miss out on ways to maximize this.

·      Once my op-ed runs, how should I promote it? How do I decide who to share it with, and what should I say when I send it?


I just embarked on a new partnership or business deal with another person/company, and we’re going to announce it soon.

·      How much should I be involved in the announcement?

·      What rights of approval should I ask for, in terms of the strategy and press release?

·      How do I know what I should be looking or asking for in the announcement strategy and press release?

·      How do I strategically make sure I’m presented fairly, accurately and in a way that will position me to accomplish my goals going forward?

·      Will you take a look at the press release and/or quote I provided and negotiate for any edits on my behalf?


CRAP. A media outlet or partner got ahold of some unhelpful information about me and I’m in panic mode. What am I supposed to do?

·      Should I speak up about it or stay quiet?

·      What should I say to people and/or media outlets who are emailing, calling and want to ask me about it?

·      How do I make sure I best salvage my important relationships?

·      I’ve decided I’m going to make a statement. How should I deliver it and what should I say?


Other stuff:

·      My story involves some sensitive information. How am I supposed to manage that as I go forward? What do I do when it comes up? How do I tell my story without sharing it, because it might hurt my mission or affect other people in my life?

·      I’m writing copy for my site, email list and/or other public-facing materials and I need another set of eyes. How do I make sure what I’m writing is clear, concise, error-free and articulates the messaging I’m trying to get across?

·      I’m excited that my idea/business is taking off, but I’m just a little freaked out and feel like I need a little handholding. But PR firms cost so much money and it’s hard to find someone who knows how to do all that, who can also serve as a sounding board and catch-all for questions as I go through this process. I kinda just need someone knowledgeable and experienced to be there as I go through this process. Can you be that person for me? (Yes)