Editing, Writing and Ghostwriting

Editing, Writing and Ghostwriting


Sharpening Your Existing Work for Concision, Messaging and Branding, and "Optimal Optics"

I will work with you to figure out how to structure our arrangement depending on the materials you need editing/writing, and whether not we’ve yet had a messaging conversation.

Need to write an op-ed?

Need to send your bio to a media outlet, but you think it needs some freshening up?

Sending some talking points to a TV producer for a hit you’re doing later, but the subject matter is sensitive and you want another set of eyes?

Putting together a proposal for funding your project and want to make sure you’re telling a compelling story in a strategic way, and didn’t actually write “Thanks for you’re time and consideration!” ?

Need to summarize your academic research for a proposal, article, op-ed or blog post? I’ll make sure that your hard work won’t be lost on your readers.

I GOT you.

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