Counsel Call - 30 Minutes

Counsel Call - 30 Minutes


Whether you’re an existing client or a new one, sometimes you just have a bunch of questions to ask:

“I was asked to be on a panel — what do I do? How do I get my talking point across? What if they ask me this one question I’m scared of them asking?”

“Someone keeps emailing me asking for an interview. I can’t tell whether to trust them and I have no idea what questions to ask to vet them. What do I do?”

“I just opened a new bar and it’s getting a lot of attention. This big tech company wants to use my space to host an event but they’re making all of these demands. I don’t want to burn bridges with them, but I’m just starting out and not sure how to handle the situation. I also don’t want any bad press. What do I do?”

Stuff like that. I got you!

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