Work With Me

I’m a strategist, writer, editor and researcher whose primary strengths are crafting resonant and compelling messaging and navigating tricky public relations moments. I find solutions and ideas through a creative approach that includes cross-disciplinary theory and practice. You can read about some of my past work here or on my LinkedIn profile.

While I typically employ a more holistic approach when working with clients, on a more granular level, I’d describe the services I offer as the following:

  • Communications and PR Strategic Counsel

    • Crisis Management

    • Branding and Messaging

    • Media Training

    • On and Off-Site Media Relations

  • Ghostwriting, Writing and Editing

  • Story Optics Assessment

    • Using my backgrounds in social impact entertainment, narrative theory and communications strategy, I help clients isolate the core values and messages they are transmitting through the stories they tell and work with them to course-correct

  • Academic and Non-Academic Research Assistance

I’m always open to discussing new projects. Email me: lara (at) laradrasin (dot) com.