Work With Me

I’m a communications strategist and advisor for clients who range from major utilities companies to activists and artists who are new to navigating public attention and the media. What you do doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you want to think bigger and make informed, strategic decisions while ensuring that your message is clear and compelling. If that sounds like you, let’s set up a (free) 30 minute consultation.

I’m also a “translator”: with a background in academia, journalism, nonprofits and the PR world, I love reframing ideas for different audiences.

My core competencies include different facets of communications and strategic public relations:

  • Crisis Management

  • Branding and Messaging

  • Systems and Organizational Change Communication

  • Media Training

  • On and Off Site Media Relations

  • Editing, Writing and Ghostwriting

    • I can draft and/or edit your op-ed

    • I can translate your academic research for mainstream audiences

  • Story Optics Assessment

    • Using my backgrounds in social impact entertainment, narrative theory and communications strategy, I help clients isolate the core values and messages they are transmitting through the stories they tell and work with them to course-correct

You can read about some of my past work here or on my LinkedIn profile.


I typically employ a more holistic approach when working with clients, but here is how my services are classified:

  • Counsel Calls

    • Whether you’re just starting out or need a sounding board, I offer 30 and 60 minute phone or video sessions during which you’ll get my brain, full attention, and years of experience trained on YOU. There is no contract or long-term commitment. You can purchase time here and then we’ll get it on the calendar.

      • You can also purchase multiple sessions at a discounted rate, or purchase the Sounding Board Package: you’ll get 4 hours of counsel calls at a discounted rate, which you can schedule whenever you want.

  • Personal Pre-Publicist Package

    • If you, your idea or business is starting to get some attention and you’re intimidated or overwhelmed (what do I ask when I get a media request? How do I prep for an interview? How do I know which interviews to even DO? Do I need a publicist? I got invited to speak/sit on a panel and I have no idea what I’m doing) — to the point where you’re tempted to drop all of your hard work and crawl under a rock — don’t, just call me!

    • I’ve helped people who are now in the public eye ease into it, and they’ve gone on to do great things. I’d love to do that for you — especially if it might mean the difference between you going for the gold or retreating. For FAQ about this service, click here. We’ll structure this partnership based on what makes sense for where you’re at in your journey.

  • Editing, Writing and Ghostwriting

    • As I mentioned above, I’m a professional editor who is open to editing all kinds of work, whether it be a an op-ed, blog post, proposal, website copy or an email going out to thousands of people. I love editing (I find it thrilling, I’m a weirdo) so if you’re not sure whether or not your project would be right for me… it probably is. As an expert in optics and messaging, I am a deliberate and strategic editor who aims to make your writing tight, resonant and effective. Let’s discuss!

    • If you need to draft an op-ed or something else but don’t have the time, I can ghostwrite it for you and we’ll work together to get it submission-ready.

    • Academic translation: If you’re a professor or researcher who is desperately trying to get your findings out there, I can help. I’ve edited pieces written by R1 university faculty members about their own research and helped them see where small changes in language and presentation can make the difference between mainstream audiences nerding out on science or slowly drifting into a peaceful slumber. I can do it for you, too!

I’m always open to discussing new projects. Click here for a list of the services I offer and email me at lara (at) laradrasin (dot) com to set up a free 30-minute consultation.